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2014 Autocar - Courland Next Generation Award

speaking engagements

2022 Materials Research Exchange (MRE)

2022 Underrepresentation of Women in Design

2022 UK KTN's Ignite Conversation Webinar Series

2022 New Designers

2022 Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability Event

2020 Summer Institute Tech Allies Network

2016 Women in Engineering

2015 Battle of Ideas

I’m a creative consultant. I have spent the last 7 years creative directing in the automotive industry supporting companies to create, define and deliver colour and materials strategies, as well as deliver world class vehicle projects to production. I recently completed a master’s degree in Communications Design, to further expand my strategic skills, taking on projects from design, recruitment, and non-profit industries.


I inspire thought and turn stories into action plans. I place value on collaboration and investigative research to deliver insight and holistic strategies through which I champion change. I find the right method for companies to embrace authenticity, sustainable initiatives, and community. These methods focus on creativity, communication, and education, creating paths to change and inspiring through design.


I am highly visual when explaining ideas and lean on subconscious methods to communicate stories. Colour continues to be my favourite tool, using visually aesthetic presentations, supported by verbal communication to tell stories in a persuasive way.


My creative manifesto:

“We don’t have to change the world; we just have to change our world.”. Our world can be us as individuals, our friends, our family, our community, at each level the ripple effect can be felt, let’s make our world a good one.

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