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circular directory framework


Concept generation

Framework creation

Terminology research


MA Project

Consumer goods



Create a framework for a business directory of local and sustainable businesses related to consumer goods, fashion, interior design and a list of menders.


Created a framework for The Circular Directory. The directory that makes it easy for consumers to know where to go and make informed decisions on sustainable goods. I produced a working using Norwich as a pilot city.


For a research project I looked at the responsibility of sustainability in design. I identified consumers, brand owners and government as having some level of responsibility, especially where consumption is concerned. From a consumer perspective the challenges have been lack of access to information; be that not knowing where to find it or what information is correct, and the volume of fear driven information available means people feel stuck and don’t feel their contributions will have an impact.


This project addresses the role of the consumer and how to help them know where to go and make informed decisions.


Designed a framework that has the ability to be scaled and customised per region

Created a set of defining criteria for scoring and/or saying which companies are eligible

Created a glossary to define words like sustainable, ethical, local

Produced a mock up of a digital website and printed publication

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