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range rover autobiography pop-up


Art direction

User experience design


Land Rover


Event Design


Create a proposal of what a pop-up experience could be for range rover autobiography.


Created and presented pop-up proposal to management.


I started by create an emotive mood board to visualise how I wanted guests to feel during the experience. I wanted to evoke a sense of mystery and luxury and for the space to feel light.

I used this to create a series of mood boards to show layout inspiration, the look of the space and feature pieces like VR and sculptures.

I took an innovative approach to displaying the colour and material options for the guests. The current way to display this is sample sizes of material on shelves. I wanted to create an interactive space and showcase the materials and colours in their best light. To do this I proposed the idea of furniture, sculptures and paintings with forms that emulate those on the vehicle. 

The idea is to then use eye tracking technology and facial recognition to see what pieces guests interact with the most, and how they feel toward certain colours or material finishes.

All the furniture, sculptures and paintings are plotted on a matrix which coincides with the materials and colours which would then produce your personalised range rover autobiography in the colourway you respond to most positively.

All this allows our subconscious preferences too take the lead and create a magical experience.

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